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20 Jul What is a PM Stepper Motor?
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What is a Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor? Permanent magnet stepper motors (PM) are rotated by a magnetic rotor core through interacting with a pulsed electromagnetic field generated by the stator. Per..
20 Jul What is an integrated stepper motor?
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What is an integrated stepper motor? The integrated stepper product includes stepper motor, driver, motion controller and encoder. It integrates each unit in the stepper system into a whole, reduces t..
13 Jul What is a Servo Motor?
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What is a Servo Motor? Servo motor is a common motor that absolutely obeys the command of the control signal. Before the control signal is sent, the rotor is stationary. Once the control signal is sen..
02 Mar Table of Comparison between New and Old P/Ns
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We made some changes to the model number of the linear motor in October 2021, You can find it in the table below. NO Old Model New Model NO Old Model New ..
18 Feb How to select a variable frequency drive (VFD)
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A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a motor driver for electromechanical drive systems that controls the speed and torque of an AC motor by varying the motor input frequency and controlling the corre..
26 Jan How to use stepper motor?
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Controlling stepper motors is a broad topic and this article is a simplified beginner's guide to use stepper motors. It covers the basics of how stepper motors operate. Its purpose is to help beginner..
03 Jan What is stepper motor?
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A stepper motor is an electromechanical device converting electrical energy into mechanical power. At the same time, a stepper motor is a brushless, synchronous motor that can divide a full rotation i..
17 Dec Why use a planetary gearbox on the stepper motor?
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Although stepper motors have been characterized by their accurate positioning capability and high torque output at low speeds, they need carefully sized to ensure that the stepper motor is compatible ..
15 Dec What is planetary gearbox and how does it work?
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Planetary gearboxes are gear units extensively applied in industrial drive technology for their compact design and versatile applications. Since planetary gears are not mounted in a stationary positio..
13 Dec What is the difference between incremental encoder's PPR, CPR and LPR?
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When an incremental encoder rotates, two square wave outputs A and B are generated. These signals together form the quadrature output of the incremental encoder. These square waves A and B are 90 degr..
10 Dec Brushless DC Motor vs. Brushed DC Motor
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There are two types of DC motors in common use: brushed DC motor, and brushless DC motor (or BLDC motor). The name brushless DC motor is relative to the brushed DC motor. Brushed DC motor consists of ..
08 Dec What are the typical applications of brushless DC motor?
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Brushless DC motors perform many of the functions that were originally performed by brushed DC motors. However, it is difficult to completely replace the brush DC motor because it is still an expensiv..
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