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17 Dec Why use a planetary gearbox on the stepper motor?
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Although stepper motors have been characterized by their accurate positioning capability and high torque output at low speeds, they need carefully sized to ensure that the stepper motor is compatible ..
15 Dec What is planetary gearbox and how does it work?
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Planetary gearboxes are gear units extensively applied in industrial drive technology for their compact design and versatile applications. Since planetary gears are not mounted in a stationary positio..
06 Aug Can the gearbox be sold separately?
BH-admin 0 699
Currently, our gearbox is not sold separately. Because: 1. Our gearbox is not standard gearbox, it don’t have coupler insider gearbox. So the motor’s shaft should with special handling. Usually, the s..
06 Aug Can I install a gearbox on a closed loop stepper motor?
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There are two possibilities: 1.You have standard gearbox. Yes, just make sure the motor size and shaft can match your gearbox. 2.You don’t have standard gearbox, and you want use our existing gearbox...
06 Aug Do you have a gearbox that fits our motor?
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Yes, we have launched PLE and PLM series precistion gearbox which can fit your standard motor. Please refer to below two links: PLE gearbox and PLM gearbox ..
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