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Closed Loop Stepper Motor

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Closed Loop Stepper Motor

The using of stepper motor has brought a lot of convenience to production and our lives.

It can be used in wide areas such as in NC machine tool for manufacturing industry, in medical equipment and in the CNC router or 3D printer for you.

With the development of producing and technology, the precision of stepper motor can’t satisfy creators anymore, then they bring servos. Though the performance of servos are far ahead of steppers’ in all respects, they are much too expensive and complicated which make small-scale manufacturers or mydiyclubs who need high precision equipment stand in awe before.

And then, closed loop stepper system emerge at the right moment. Compared to traditional steppers, closed loop stepper motor will not lose steps. It works as excellent as servo motors by adding a position encoder which insures precise positioning. The high speed performance of closed loop stepper motor will increase 30% which can increase working speed that is to say, the production efficiency will be improved. And the motor heat will decrease 20% at the same time. And the torque decline will be relieved and motors vibration will be decreased obviously at the same time. The using of current technology will decrease the power consumption. And compared with servo motors, closed loop stepper motor don’t need complicated parameter tuning which makes it easy to use. It won’t vibrate when stopping at high speed. It gives out higher torque and smaller frame size. It delivers a quick response in position which makes it very suitable for the applications requiring quick start up and shut down.

Then how to choose a closed-loop stepper motor?

First of all, the quality of course. STEPPERONLINE is committed to offering you the best quality of closed-loop stepper motor because our motors are produced by one of China’s most famous factory. Closed loop stepper system included three main parts: Motor, Encoder and Driver. The motor is manufacture by OSM Technology, encoder and driver are manufacture by Leadshine. So, we can guarantee the motor and driver are with the top level of quality.

Secondly, the price.

STEPPERONLINE provides the most reasonable price. Because we purchase products with huge quantity to lower the cost as possible. While currently, our strategy is building brand and gain market share, so we reduced our profit as possible, and then, the price we present to you is even lower than you buy from the manufacturer directly.

If you have any questions with closed-loop stepper, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Closed-loop Motor

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