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Electrical Brushless DC Motor

24V 4000RPM 0.063Nm 26W 1.9A 42x42x47mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS47-24-01

$26.75 As low as : $22.29

24V 4000RPM 0.125Nm 52W 3.4A 42x42x63mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS63-24-01

$33.43 As low as : $27.86

24V 4000RPM 0.188Nm 78W 5.7A 42x42x79mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS79-24-01

$38.45 As low as : $32.04

24V 4000RPM 0.25Nm 105W 6.4A 42x42x100mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS100-24-01

$45.14 As low as : $37.61

24V 3500RPM 0.23Nm 84W 5.0A Ф57x49mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR50-24-01

$31.76 As low as : $26.47

24V 3500RPM 0.37Nm 134W 9.0A Ф57x69mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR70-24-01

$38.45 As low as : $32.04
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Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motor or BLDC Motor consists of a motor and a drive. Since it operates automatically, it doesn’t need extra starting windings on the rotor and it will not vibrate or lose steps when the load changes suddenly.

Brush Motor Vs. Brushless Motor

Brush motor and brushless motor have a lot in common but they are structurally opposed.

  • The rotor of the brush motor is coil winding and connects to output shaft, then its stator is made of permanent magnet materials. While the rotor of the brushless motor is made of permanent magnet materials connecting to the output shaft and the shell, its rotor is coil windings. It has no commutator brush which is used in brush motor to alternately transform the electromagnetic field and that’s why it is called brushless motor.

  • Compared to brush motors, brushless motor has less interference to the controlling devices since it has no brushes. It can move smoothly with low noise and it is easy to maintain.

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