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02 Mar Table of Comparison between New and Old P/Ns
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We made some changes to the model number of the linear motor in October 2021, You can find it in the table below. NO Old Model New Model NO Old Model New ..
19 Nov What should be considered when selecting a linear stepper motor?
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1. What is the load of the system? The load of the system includes static load and dynamic load, usually the size of the load determines the basic size of the motor. Static load: the maximum thrust th..
19 Nov What is stepper motor linear actuator?
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A stepper motor linear actuator is a device that converts the rotary motion inside a motor into a linear motion. Inside the rotor, there is a threaded precision nut instead of a shaft. The shaft is in..
19 Nov What are the differences between External, Non-captive and Captive linear stepper motors?
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Stepper motors are a common option in motion control applications. As they can achieve precise positioning without the need of position feedback if operated correctly. The stepper motor linear actuato..
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