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10 Dec Brushless DC Motor vs. Brushed DC Motor
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There are two types of DC motors in common use: brushed DC motor, and brushless DC motor (or BLDC motor). The name brushless DC motor is relative to the brushed DC motor. Brushed DC motor consists of ..
08 Dec What are the typical applications of brushless DC motor?
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Brushless DC motors perform many of the functions that were originally performed by brushed DC motors. However, it is difficult to completely replace the brush DC motor because it is still an expensiv..
06 Dec Brushless DC Motors vs. Stepper Motors
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Brushless DC motor is a high performance motor, its biggest feature is that it has the external characteristics of DC motor but without the traditional contact commutators and brushes. It uses a perma..
01 Dec What is brushless DC motor and how does it work?
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A brushless direct current motor, abbreviated as brushless DC motor or BLDC motor, also known as an electronically commutated motor (ECM or EC motor) or synchronous DC motor, is a synchronous motor th..
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