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Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor

Vacuum rated stepper motors: solution for heat generation and contamination

Running electronic devices such as stepper motors in a vacuum environment can be a serious challenge. Traditional stepper motors are not suitable for operation in vacuum environments for two main reasons: heat generation and contamination. But this product can be a solution to these problems, vacuum rated stepper motors can be installed in clean rooms, vacuum chambers or potentially into space.

We find many small gas clouds in paints, coatings and greases on a microscopic level. When there is no air in the environment, the gases inside the motor will expand and introduce unwanted contaminants into the environment. Our vacuum rated stepper motors are scientifically designed and manufactured with low outgassing materials to minimize contaminant emissions.

When the appropriate operating conditions are set for the motor, your design challenges will turn into design solutions. What we can do is to provide you with the product you want when you need it, at a price that fits your budget.

Advantages of vacuum rated stepper motors:

1. Temperature management

No system is 100% effective. When the motor coils are energized to generate heat, thermal dissipation of conventional motors in a vacuum environment becomes a difficult problem. There are two main outcomes: reduced motor performance and shortened life.

2. Outgassing and contaminant emissions

When gases inside a motor expand and escape, they can introduce unwanted contaminants into the environment, which can greatly affect other nearby components such as sensors and sensitive instruments. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid outgassing at all costs in vacuum environments. And that is why our vacuum rated stepper motors are designed to minimize outgassing.

3. Special motor assembly process

In order to manufacture motors with a high degree of cleanliness in the market, we have built our own motor assembly line. The cleanliness of STEPPERONLINE vacuum rated stepper motors is also much higher than that of other competing products.

Applications of vacuum rated stepper motors


With no introduction of contaminants into the environment, vacuum motors are ideally suited for sensitive environments where outgassing is required to be avoided. Especially in semiconductor manufacturing processes, even the smallest contamination can disrupt production.

Vacuum chambers

Vacuum rated stepper motors are typically used in vacuum chambers for testing and manufacturing.


The vacuum motors specifically designed for satellite and spacecraft are used in applications ranging from communication antennas to vehicle control. We are a registered manufacturer of the AS9100C and each motor is built to strict aerospace standards.

Vacuum rated stepper motor available for size Nema 11, Nema 17, Nema 23 and Nema 34. Special requirements such as: Radiation Resistant and L-malaleuca, Impact Resistance, and Custom Shaft etc.

Vacuum Level Codes

Level Code Temperature range (℃) Vacuum level (Pa) Temperature Sensor
NT-L1 -20 ~ +85 - Optional
NT-L2 -40 ~ +85 - Optional
NT-L3 -60 ~ +85 10^-1 Optional
HT -20 ~ +150 10^-3 Optional
SHT -20 ~ +200 10^-6 Optional
LT -100 ~ +40 10^-6 Optional
SLT -196 ~ +40 10^-6 Optional
L*H* Customized Customized Optional
Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor
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Model: Vacuum-Rated
Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor Suitable for use in vacuum/high/low temperature environments Vacuum level: Max. 1.0x10^-7Pa Withstand temperature range from -196°C to +300°C Radiation resistant: 10^6Gy Low outgassing rate Power consumption optimized design Heat dissipation compliant Low vibration Withstand high amplitude v..
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