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Your country may not be in our shipping country list. Normally, products stocked in the US are not able to ship to other countries, like Canada, Mexico, etc. Only products stocked in the same country can be put in one order.

Your order is not shipped since some items in your order are out of stock. Or your order is shipped, but the status didn't update in time. During weekends and holidays, updating for order status may be delayed.

It will be better if length for shipping address can be controlled in 35 characters. Don't forget your house number.

Since we have more than one in one country, sometimes your order has to be shipped separately and ends up with two or three packages.

According to Indian import policy, carriers require that recipient must provide IEC code or identity card number before shipping. Amount for products imported to Russia must be under €200 and recipient provide his or her company name.

STEPPEONLINE primarily accept payment via paypal, credit card and bank transfer.

For payment with credit card, the transaction may be rejected by your card issuing bank for some reason. We recommend you stopping making payment with credit card, turning to using PayPal.

If you find the order amount is not the same as what you actually paid, please please don't initiate a chargeback before contacting us! Normally the extra expense you paid is charged by your bank for international transaction.

Sorry, taxes and duties are not included in price. And we'll not cover for any taxes and duties, or other expenses involved when the items are shipped out China. It will be better if you could figure out the import policy of your country before ordering.

Products from STEPPERONLINE have a one-year warranty. If you have problems with the products you buy, please let us know first. Our strong technical support will help you find the problems and exchange or return the items. Please note, don't returning items directly to the address shown on the parcel box without informing us.


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