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Published on 19/10/2018 by Nathan

I purchased this closed loop stepper motor instead of servo motor because of the low budget, it surp Read More

Published on 19/10/2018 by Ethan

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Published on 16/10/2018 by Colton

This small stepper motor works as advertised, the quality is great! I've tested 2 of them, it's simp Read More

Published on 16/10/2018 by Kyle

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5.3 Choose From the Rotation Speed

While we chose a stepper motor, according to the speed, it is very to choose a motor working at the best situation. The stepper motor speed divided into :working at low speed, working at a more than 2000rpm speed and working at a wide range from low speed to high speed. The choice of stepper motor will be different.... Read More

5.2 Selection of Position Accuracy

When the stepping motor is used for the main purpose of position positioning control, to improve the accuracy of position positioning, the stepping motor needs to have the following properties... Read More

5.1 Selection of Motor Type

According to the structure of the rotor, the stepper motor is divided into the PM type of the stator and the permanent magnet oxygen body consists of the plate gold claw pole and the HB type consists of a rotor consisting of two magnets plus a magnet. ... Read More

4.5 Monopole Drive and Bipolar Drive

When the stator pole of the VR type stepping motor attracts the rotor, the magnetized N pole and the S pole are magnetized because the rotor pole is permanent magnetic pole. No matter the polarity of the stator winding excitation is the N pole or the S pole, it will be attractive. ... Read More

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