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Stepper Motor Overview

Motors have various classification methods. For example, if we use the voltage types to classify, there are AC motors and DC motors. When we use the rotation speed and power frequency to classify, there are synchronous motors and asynchronous motors.... Read More

The History of Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is a type of control motor that can get on speed control and positioning control without using a feedback loop, which is the so-called open-loop motor control. Its application mainly focuses on OA (Office Automation) machines and FA (Factory Automation) machines that solve strong office services, and is widely used in medical machinery, measuring instruments, cars, and game mach... Read More

Facts about Stepper Motor Drivers That You Must Know

If one is trying to select the driver for the stepper motor that one is using then it is wise that they know certain facts regarding it. As one reads through they will understand certain facts which need to be known regarding these drivers. ... Read More

The Evolution of Stepping Motor Application

The industry floors are witnessing a seismic shift as the automation takes center stage, not as an idea, but as an actuality. Well, a few years back the automation seemed like a far-fetched reality. And industries where precision control was of primary importance heavily relied on servo motors because stepping motors were not able to meet the demands. However, with the advancement, the steppe... Read More