What is a stepper motor?

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A stepper motor is an electromechanical device converting electrical energy into mechanical power. At the same time, a stepper motor is a brushless, synchronous motor that can divide a full rotation into a huge number of steps. When a stepper motor is applied with electrical command pulses in the pr

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Why use a planetary gearbox on a stepper motor?

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Although stepper motors have been characterized by their accurate positioning capability and high torque output at low speeds, they need carefully sized to ensure that the stepper motor is compatible with the load and application parameters so that the possibility of lost steps or stepper motor stal

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What is planetary gearbox and how does it work?

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Planetary gearboxes are gear units extensively applied in industrial drive technology for their compact design and versatile applications. Since planetary gears are not mounted in a stationary position, they perform orbital movements. This is why a planetary gearbox is also introduced an epicyclic g

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What is the difference between an incremental encoder's PPR, CPR and LPR?

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When an incremental encoder rotates, two square wave outputs A and B are generated. These signals together form the quadrature output of the incremental encoder. These square waves A and B are 90 degrees out of phase as far as most encoders are concerned. The direction of the encoder can be identifi

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Brushless DC Motor vs. Brushed DC Motor

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There are two types of DC motors in common use: brushed DC motor, and brushless DC motor (or BLDC motor). The name brushless DC motor is relative to the brushed DC motor. Brushed DC motor consists of stator, rotor, brushes and commutator, the function of brushes and commutator is to switch direction

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What are the typical applications of brushless DC motors?

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Brushless DC motors perform many of the functions that were originally performed by brushed DC motors. However, it is difficult to completely replace the brush DC motor because it is still an expensive solution with a complex construction and control system. Nevertheless, brushless DC motors are wid

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Brushless DC Motor vs. Stepper Motor

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Brushless DC motor is a high performance motor, its biggest feature is that it has the external characteristics of DC motor but without the traditional contact commutators and brushes. It uses a permanent magnet rotor with no excitation losses. The heat generating armature windings are mounted on th

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What is a brushless DC motor and how does it work?

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A brushless direct current motor, abbreviated as brushless DC motor or BLDC motor, also known as an electronically commutated motor (ECM or EC motor) or synchronous DC motor, is a synchronous motor that uses a direct current power supply. The brushless DC motor overcomes a series of previous problem

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