STEPPERONLINE hollow shaft stepper motor has a machining hole axially passing through the center of the motor to replace the usual position of the shaft. It is specially designed for applications requiring indexing or rapid positioning.

The main technical characteristics of hollow shaft stepper motor are as follows: the motor shaft is hollow metal tube, and the impeller is installed on the inner wall of the hollow metal tube. The impeller is fixed at the bearing of the inner wall of the tube shaft by welding and other methods. Accuracy requirement means that the dimension accuracy requirement of the stepper motor's hollow outlet shaft or inner hole is not high, and the inner hole is mainly used for wiring, light transmission or through other media such as air. The design of this stepper motor greatly optimizes mechanical design, facilitates wiring and saves design space and production costs.

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Hollow Shaft

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  • Frame Size(mm)
  • Holding Torque(Ncm)
  • Step Angle(°)
  • Holding Torque(
  • Bipolar/Unipolar
  • Rated Current(A)
  • Body Length(mm)
  • Single Shaft/Dual Shaft
  • Shaft Type
  • Shaft Diameter(mm)
  • Shaft Length(mm)
  • Phase Resistance(ohm)
  • Inductance(mH)
  • No. of Lead