What is an integrated stepper motor?

The integrated stepper product includes stepper motor, driver, motion controller and encoder. It integrates each unit in the stepper system into a whole, reduces the space by more than 40%, reduces the wiring by more than 50%, and has good electromagnetic Compatible features and simple system topology greatly increase the reliability and practicability of the stepping system. It is an excellent choice for customers with small installation space and high degree of system integration.

Advantages of integrated stepper motors

The integrated stepper motor has a compact structure and a small size, which can save more space. Due to the higher integration and simple wiring, it can achieve faster installation.
Since the driver and the motor are integrated, the connection between the driver and the motor is saved, the interference caused by the motor cable is effectively reduced, and the electromagnetic interference between the wires is reduced; better vibration technology and low heat generation technology are adopted, which effectively solves the problem of the motor and drive heat, vibration and noise.

Application fields of integrated stepper motors

Suitable for all kinds of small and medium automation equipment and instruments, such as: engraving machines, marking machines, cutting machines, laser imagesetters, plotters, CNC machine tools, automatic assembly equipment, etc. It works particularly well in devices where users expect low noise, low vibration, low heat generation and high speed.