STEPPERONLINE cnc kits can be used in CNC and robotic applications. CNC is an important progress in the field of processing. It is a great improvement on non-computer processing. It requires manual control, hand wheel, or mechanical control through the manufacture of pattern guides. In modern control systems, the design and manufacturing procedures of mechanical components are highly automated. The mechanical dimensions of parts are defined by CAD software, and then converted into manufacturing instructions by computer aided manufacturing software. The generated instructions are converted to the specific commands required by the specific machine to generate components, and then loaded into the CNC machine.

STEPPERONLINE cnc kits include single Axis CNC Kit, 3 Axis CNC Kit, 4 Axis CNC Kit and AR2 robot package kit. 1 Axis CNC Kit contain stepper motor and driver, other CNC kit also contain power supply. Most stepper motors in 3 Axis CNC Kit are powerful as they have a holding torque of over 3Nm. 4 Axis CNC Kit is specially for applications where a huge torque is required.

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4 Axis CNC Router Kit 8.5Nm( Nema 34 Stepper Motor & Driver

SKU: 4-DM860I-34HS46

$524.06 As low as : $524.06

4 Axis 13.0Nm( Nema 34 Stepper Motor & Driver & Power Supply

SKU: 4-MA860H-34HS59

$614.84 As low as : $478.21

4 Axis CNC Router Kit 13.0Nm( Nema 34 Stepper Motor & Driver

SKU: 4-DM860I-34HS59

$583.61 As low as : $583.61
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