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24V 4000RPM 0.063Nm 26W 1.9A 42x42x47mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS47-24-01

$22.58 As low as : $20.27

24V 3500RPM 0.23Nm 84W 5.0A Ф57x49mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR50-24-01

$26.82 As low as : $24.07

36V 4000RPM 0.33Nm 138W 5.0A Ф57x89mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR90-36-01

$39.52 As low as : $35.47

24V 4850RPM 0.13Nm 70W 3.6A Ф43.2x27mm External Rotor Motor

SKU: 45BLE27-24-01
Electrical Specification Manufacturer Part Number: 45BLE27-24-01 Phase: 3 Poles: 16 Resistance/Line: 0.56±0.1 [email protected]℃ Inductance/Line: 0.27±0.1 [email protected] Rated Voltage: 24 VDC No Load Speed: 6100±10% RPM No Load Current: ..
$85.62 As low as : $73.39

24V 3740RPM 0.284Nm 100W 5.3A Ф61.2x34mm External Rotor Motor

SKU: 60BLE34-24-01
Electrical Specification Manufacturer Part Number: 60BLE34-24-01 Phase: 3 Poles: 14 Resistance/Line: 0.3±0.1 [email protected]℃ Inductance/Line: 0.2±0.2 [email protected] Rated Voltage: 24 VDC No Load Speed: 4250±10% RPM No Load Current: 0...
$119.06 As low as : $102.05

Integrated Stepper Servo Motor 3Nm(425 oz-in) 24-50VDC NEMA 24 Closed Loop

The ISS24 Integrated Stepper Servo Motor is merged the stepper servo driver and motor together. This motor system integrates the servo control technology into the digital stepper drive perfectly. And this product adopts an optical..
$104.79 As low as : $82.73
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