When using a stepper motor, you'll need a power supply to give power to stepper motor. A right power supply can make your stepper motor working at optimum performance, Instead, a wrong power supply might cause low performance or larger waste of energy.
Below are few tips for choosing power supply:
1. Confirm motor’s rated current. You can find it at motor datasheet.
2. Confirm driving voltage. Driving voltage is main factor when choosing a power supply. Normally, higher voltage will have better performance.
Below table are the recommend voltage for stepper motors, you can choose a driving a right voltage as per your application.

Motor Size Driving Voltage
Nema 8~Nema 17 12~24VDC
Nema 23, Nema 24 24~48VDC
Nema 34 48~100VDC/30~70VAC
Nema 42~Nema 52 110~220AC

3. Calculate the power value. We provide a simple formula for you: P=n*I*V*1.2
P: Power value
n: Number of stepper motors
I: Motor rated current
V: Driving voltage
1.2: meaning 20% of margin
eg. 3 units of motors with 3A rated current each and driving voltage is 36V, the estimate power is about: 3*3A*36V*1.2=388.8W. so, you can choose an 36V 400w power supplier
Please note: The formula is just an estimate value of power, different working condition will need different power. For example, in a 3 axis system, not all 3 motors working at same time, and not all 3 motors working with max load etc. At this condition, the power value might be lower than the value by which calculated by formula.