Stepper Motor

I already have motor, can I buy brake and attach on motor?

Add a brake on the motor will need two conditions: 1.Motor need a rear shaft with specified shaft(Diameter, Length and D-cut). 2.There are two or three screw holes on motor rear endcap to mount brake. Please contact our technical support before your purchase it.


Brushless DC Motor vs. Stepper Motor

Brushless DC motor is a high performance motor, its biggest feature is that it has the external characteristics of DC motor but without the traditional contact commutators and brushes. It uses a permanent magnet rotor with no excitation losses. The heat generating armature windings are mounted on th


Can I attach a gearbox on closed loop stepper motor?

There are two possibilities: 1.You have standard gearbox. Yes, just make sure the motor size and shaft can match your gearbox. 2.You don’t have standard gearbox, and you want use our existing gearbox. Yes, we can custom geared closed-loop stepper motor for you. As our gearbox is not standard one


Can I use closed loop stepper driver to drive a open loop stepper motor?

Sorry, you can not use closed loop stepper driver to drive a open loop stepper Motor. Below are the driver and motor’s relation between closed loop and open loop.


Can we open the motor case? We want to replace the cable with a longer one.

We don't recommend do it. Because when you opening case, the bearings will break away from the bearing house, it will affect the motor rotor's concentricity. If you want replace the cable with a longer one, you’d better extend from outside of the motor.


Can you send me a schematic that how to wire the driver to an Arduino?

Please follow below steps to connect stepper driver to Arduino: 1. Connect driver’s DIR+ and PUL+ to Arduino’s digital port. eg. PIN8 and PIN9. 2. Connect PUL- and DIR- to Arduino’s GND. 3. Write program on your computer by pointing PIN8 and PIN9 to DIR and PUL.


How to calculate the speed according to frequency(PPS)?

Simply, we have provided a formula: v=f/n v: motor speed(rps) f: frequency(pps) n: number of microstep, you can find it on stepper driver. eg. When stepper motor driver receiving frequency 4000pps from controller, and mircostep setting on the driver is: 2000, the speed of motor is: v=4000/2000=2


How was the motor's life time?

The key factor effect motor’s life time is two bearings inside the motor. Normally, the standard bearing’s life time is about 6,000 hours long time continuous working. Some time, you might need longer life time? We can use better bearings to reach different life time, please contact our technical t


My motor has much of vibration, what's the problem?

Please follow below steps to troubleshoot the problem: 1)Please confirm if the current of pulse signal by the controller is enough. Normally, the current should be over 10mA in order to make the optocoupler work steadily and signal transfer normally. 2)Please check if the frequency generated f


Servo Motor vs Stepper Motor

Stepper motors and servo motors are both important control components in industrial drive control and are used in a wide range of applications. However, for many customers they do not understand the main differences between these two types of motor, therefore they are never sure how to choose. So, w


What are the main parameters when choosing a stepper motor?

In order to choose the right stepper motor for your application, the following parameters need to be considered: Holding Torque, Driving Method, Driving Voltage, Driving Current, Torque Frequency Characteristic, Phase


What does IP65 and IP67 stepper motor mean?

Water and dust proof connectivity products are defined by their Ingress Protection (IP) numbers. The first number after IP is for the part's protection against solid objects like dust and sand. This number can range from 0, meaning no protection against dust and sand, and 6, meaning 100% protectio


What is a stepper motor?

A stepper motor is an electromechanical device converting electrical energy into mechanical power. At the same time, a stepper motor is a brushless, synchronous motor that can divide a full rotation into a huge number of steps. When a stepper motor is applied with electrical command pulses in the pr

What is the maximum speed (highest frequency) of the motor?

Normally, we don’t ask stepper motor’s highest frequency, we think the question should be stepper motor’s maximum speed. Because it’s meaningless to discuss the highest frequency without regard to driver’s subdivision. Below table are our motor’s Max. speed and recommend working speed for each siz


What the differences between HE, HS and HP motors?

Below are the main difference for HE, HS and HP motors: Version of Motor, Advantages, Raw Materials of Motor, Manufacturer of Motor, Performance of Motor, Application of Motor. There are specific comparisons in the table.


What’s the advantage of integrated stepper motor?

Integrated Motor is meaning a stepper motor integrated a stepper driver, sometime Integrated an encoder also. There are much of advantage of integrated motor when comparing with motor & driver are separately, but separated motor and driver have their advantage too.


Why use a planetary gearbox on a stepper motor?

Although stepper motors have been characterized by their accurate positioning capability and high torque output at low speeds, they need carefully sized to ensure that the stepper motor is compatible with the load and application parameters so that the possibility of lost steps or stepper motor stal

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