Stepper Driver

Can I use closed loop stepper driver to drive a open loop stepper motor?

Sorry, you can not use closed loop stepper driver to drive a open loop stepper Motor. Below are the driver and motor’s relation between closed loop and open loop.


Can you send me a schematic that how to wire the driver to an Arduino?

Please follow below steps to connect stepper driver to Arduino: 1. Connect driver’s DIR+ and PUL+ to Arduino’s digital port. eg. PIN8 and PIN9. 2. Connect PUL- and DIR- to Arduino’s GND. 3. Write program on your computer by pointing PIN8 and PIN9 to DIR and PUL.


Does the driver CL57T can be controlled through RS232 cable?

Firstly, CL57T is stepper driver, not a controller. As a stepper driver, it don’t have any controlling function. Secondly, for debugging purpose, this driver can be debugged through RS232, you can modify below specification through RS232 cable: a. Peak Current b. Closed-loop holding current perce


How to choose a stepper driver for my stepper motor?

1.Usually, the stepper drivers matching the motors are listed on related products column, which is placed on the right side of the website. 2.Regarding open-loop stepper motor, it is fine to select the driver as long as the motor rated current is at the adjustable range of driver. 3.As for clo


What's the difference between T, Y, S and N series digital drivers?

Below are the main difference for T, Y, S and N series drivers: Product Levels, The Components Used in Driver, Manufacturer, Stability, Performance, Product Feature. There are specific comparisons in the table.


Why can't our driver work with PM (PERMANENT MAGNET) motor?

Currently, all of our stepper drivers only used in Hybrid stepper motors. As PM stepper motor’s current is very small, and the precision is not high, the lower cost chips driver is the best choice.


Does your stepper driver accept 3.3V signal voltage for Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

Our answer is yes. We have tested all of drivers in our company, and the results are ok. But we are still not recommended it, because the main components’ supplier declare the working voltage is 4.5~5V.


What parameters need to be debugged for the debug software of the closed-loop driver?

For closed-loop driver, below parameters can be debugged: Peak Current, Closed-loop holding current percentage, Position tracking error, Subdivision of driver. Generally, other parameters are not changed at will. There are specific comparisons in the table.

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