Shaft Coupling

Shaft couplings are actually the mechanical device that connects or couples the two drive element or shaft together for transmitting the power from one end to another. Couplings do not allow any shaft interruption during operation. Anyway, with the torque limiting couplings can disconnect when the limit of the torque is exceeded.

Advantages of Shaft Coupling

• Transfer the power from one end to another end
• Provide connectivity of shaft with the other units that are manufactured such as motor and generators
• Provide shaft misalignment and mechanical flexibility
• Decreases the shock load transmission from shaft one end to another
• Provide protection against overload
• Adjust the rotating unit vibration characteristics
• Connect the driving part

There is the number of applications based on coupling in automobiles such as drive shaft connecting the engine, and the rear axle is just the universal joint. And based on the area of application, there are various types of couplings. These shaft couplers are divided into following categories:

Types of Shaft Couplings

• Rigid Couplings
• Flexible or compensating couplings
• Clutches couplings

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Shaft Coupling

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