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  • Review Add on:29/09/2019
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Compre 5 motores y funcionan muy bien. Los estoy por poner en una prusa i3 casera.


  • Review Add on:21/08/2019
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Super high backlash, gears are lubricated using a very cheap lubricant, which is sticky and tough to remove.
Not recommended for making an electric focuser for telescope.


  • Review Add on:11/08/2019
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Fantastic stepper motor with tons and tons of torque. But even better than that is the outstanding customer service here.

I've spoken to several customer service reps here, and all have been extremely knowledgeable, pleasant to deal with, and willing to go the extra mile. I need a custom shaft? No problem (minimum order quantity of 10, for those who also need custom stuff). I need to know what kind of steel the shafts are made of? No problem.

Responses have been speedy and professional, and I won't hesitate to buy from here again. Great prices, great people!


  • Review Add on:16/07/2019
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Excellent product, I was waiting for some driver like this one time ago. It works perfect


  • Review Add on:04/07/2019
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These stepper motors have been awesome. Can't wait for the next project!


  • Review Add on:19/06/2019
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The motors are good, I checked them, all works

Author:Gerald Herder

  • Review Add on:10/06/2019
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Can this AR2 package be purchased through your Amazon store?
Apparently our University has issues purchasing directly from offshore locations such as China.

Thank you for your prompt reply

Author:James Brinkman

  • Review Add on:05/06/2019
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Works great (at the moment), can control speed of BLDC with 10K potentiometer but there were a few lessons learned

The BLS-510 driver MUST be setup initially with the BLDC3 software, thus order the cable as well
Must rename the COM port in windows Device manager to something below #10, otherwise, software will not see the COM-port
Within Device Manager, Right-click on the Prolific- USB to serial port and select Properties
Click on Port-Settings Tap
Click Advanced Button
Change COM port to something below #10
Click OK
Must Set input mode to "analog input"
Must properly configure motor parameters for HALLphase and Motor-pole-pair in order for speed to be adjustable

Author:Chris Annin

  • Review Add on:13/05/2019
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This driver is a great option for 3.3v controllers. Ive used this driver with Arduino Due and Teensy 3.5.

Author:John Hirata

  • Review Add on:09/05/2019
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Genuis team!! The shipping product is very fast. High quality product. High quality support. Great sellers! I recommend 100%.

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