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Author:Ed from Maine

  • Review Add on:17/07/2020
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This 50:1 (well, if you are going to be a detail person it's 51:1) gearboxed NEMA 17 works as advertised. My project needed more torque than speed, and this did the trick. Overall, I'm really quite pleased.
That said, there are a couple of things about this unit.
First, it is quite heavy, considerably more so than the motor alone. I was surprised (maybe I shouldn't have been, but I was.)
Second, as another reader pointed out, mounting holes DO NOT follow standard NEMA 17 design. Look at the user guide/spec sheet prior to final design.I don't see points (1) or (2) as negatives.
Third, the motor is hard wired rather than have a detachable harness. Minor negative.
Fourth, there is a small amount of play/backlash, but the device was within spec. At this price, performance is more than satisfactory.
Overall I am happy and would certainly buy again if I needed a gearboxed stepper.


  • Review Add on:29/06/2020
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Love these drivers. My CNC router is running faster (IPM) and more accurate than ever since installing these to replace an all-in-one driver (for 4 steppers).

Author:Derek Lam

  • Review Add on:27/06/2020
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It fits the economy gear motor perfectly, with absolutely no play once it's bolted in. It's well-dimensioned, not too heavy despite its steel construction, and provides enough space under the motor and gearbox to hold a nut.

Author:Daniel Lang

  • Review Add on:22/06/2020
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The product arrived very quickly and was packaged very nicely.Tried one of the drivers and was amazed at how quiet and how much there was in an improvement in the running of the machine there was. I am very happy with the product ! Will do business with them again!


  • Review Add on:01/06/2020
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Bought these drivers via Amazon to replace my TB6600’s. It’s a huge improvement. The steppers run much quieter. These drivers allowed my to increase the machine’s feed rate and acceleration reducing machining time in half.

The build quality is high for the price point. The pcb’s are coated and the the aluminium housing looks great.


  • Review Add on:29/05/2020
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Great motor for driving a telescope focuser. Backlash had to be removed via the controller.

Author:K. Heaton

  • Review Add on:23/05/2020
  • Average Rating:

Motor is strong and powerful. Very pleased with the results.


  • Review Add on:05/05/2020
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I love these stepper motors. Had to do a complete rebuild on a second hand printer I got. Super quiet. Cannot even hear this printer move. Easy install works with every axis and extruder.


  • Review Add on:03/05/2020
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Save some weight and space. Just make sure you use a gear extruder otherwise you won't have enough torque.

Author:K. H.

  • Review Add on:03/05/2020
  • Average Rating:

Worked great using it to control a forth axis rotary table for milling machine. No problems yet.

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