Nema 8 stepper motor is a small stepper motor with 1.8 deg step angle. These stepper motors from STEPPERONLINE are available in unipolar, bipolar, single shaft and dual shaft. Compared to a unipolar stepper motor, the bipolar stepper motor has a higher torque at low speed. This is due to the physical space occupied by the coil. The unipolar stepper motor has twice the amount of wire in the same space, but only half used at any point in time, so the efficiency is 50%.

This small stepper motor has exquisite fuselage design and compact structure that provides an effective solution for many applications requiring reasonable accuracy and torque. This stepper motor has the advantages of low heat, low noise and high efficiency, the zero-speed oscillation runs smoothly, the response speed is fast, the high-speed stop is stable, it is suitable for frequent start-stop situations. These stepper motors are widely used in industrial automation, robotics, textile and medical industries.

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Nema 8 - 20 x 20mm

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  • Frame Size(mm)
  • Holding Torque(Ncm)
  • Step Angle(deg.)
  • Holding Torque(
  • Bipolar/Unipolar
  • Rated Current(A)
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  • Single Shaft/Dual Shaft
  • Output Shaft Type
  • Shaft Diameter(mm)
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  • No. of Lead