Digital Brushless DC Motor Driver DC18V~50V With a Hall Sensor

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The BLDC driver is a high-performance, multi-functional, low-cost DC brushless driver with a Hall sensor. All-digital design makes it flexible and diverse input control mode, high speed ratio, low noise, perfect hardware and software protection functions, the driver can be connected to the computer through the serial communication interface, to achieve PID parameter adjustment, protection parameters, motor parameter, acceleration/deceleration time and other parameter settings and to be used for I/O input status, analog input, alarm status and bus voltage monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Speed PID closed-loop control, large torque at low speed
  • Wide speed range, 0-6000RPM
  • Running acceleration/deceleration time can be set by software to achieve smooth and soft operation
  • The driver has low loss, high efficiency and low temperature rise, so it is small in size and easy to install
  • Multiple speed control methods, set by software
  • Input signal polarity of the Enable, Direction and Brake can be set by software
  • A variety of perfect protection features
  • Built-in braking resistor and control circuit (optional) for regenerating energy and preventing over voltage

Technological Index:

  • Input Voltage: DC18V~50V
  • Working Current: <=10A
  • Motor Hall Type: 60deg, 300deg, 120deg, 240deg
  • Operating mode: Hall speed closed loop
  • Speed range: 0—6000RPM
  • Dimension: 120*76*33 mm
  • Weight: Approximate 250g
  • Environment: Avoid corrosive, flammable, explosive and conductive gases,liquids and dust
  • Operating Temperature: -10~55℃(without frost)
  • Humidity: less than 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Altitude: less than 1000m
  • Vibration: less than 0.5G,10hz-60hz (discontinuous operation)
  • Cooling method: Natural cooling
  • Protection leve: IP21


Physical Specification
Product Type Brushless DC Driver

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