This driver is also called brushless DC motor controller, it has wide speed range, from 0-6000 RPM, its running acceleration/deceleration time can be set by software to achieve smooth and soft operation. The main parameters to be referred to when selecting a brushless DC motor are as follows: Maximum torque, Square Mode Torque and Rotating speed. The speed of the motor can be determined according to the trapezoidal curve of the motor speed.

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Brushless DC Driver

Digital Brushless DC Motor Driver 18V-50VDC Max 10A 200W

This brushless motor driver is a driver independently developed by STEPPERONLINE to cooperate with the field of modern industrial automatic control. It mainly uses high-performance dedicated brushless DC motor driver chips, which ..
$39.12 As low as : $31.29

Brushless DC Motor Controller DBLC-01

Function of control box 1. Display speed. It can display the real time rotation speed of the motor. 2. Start/Stop button on the panel to control the start/stop of the motor. 3. The forward and reverse keys on the panel can cont..
$16.30 As low as : $12.22
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