Big Sale Nema 14 Stepper Motor Bipolar L=33mm w/ Gear Ratio 19:1 Planetary Gearbox

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This Nema 14 stepper motor with 33mm body and 0.8A rated current, integrated a planetary gearbox of 19.19:1 gear ratio. It's a good solution to applications that with limited space but need low speed and/or high torque.

Electrical Specification

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 14HS13-0804S-PG19
  • Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
  • Step Angle: 0.094 deg
  • Holding Torque without Gearbox: 14Ncm(
  • Rated Current/phase: 1.0A
  • Phase Resistance: 6.8ohms
  • Voltage: 5.4V
  • Inductance: 10mH ± 20%(1KHz)

Gearbox Specifications

  • Gearbox Type: Planetary
  • Gear Ratio: 19.19: 1
  • Gear Efficiency: 81%
  • Backlash at No-load: <=1 deg
  • Max.Permissible Torque: 3Nm(
  • Moment Permissible Torque: 5Nm(
  • Shaft Maximum Axial Load: 5N
  • Shaft Maximum Radial Load: 25N

Physical Specifications

  • Frame Size: 35 x 35mm
  • Motor Length: 34mm
  • Gearbox Length: 35.8mm
  • Shaft Diameter: Φ6mm
  • Shaft Length: 18mm
  • D-cut Length: 12mm
  • Number of Leads: 4
  • Lead Length: 500mm
  • Weight: 320g




Gearbox Specification
Backlash at No-load(Max.°) 1
Efficiency 81%
Gear Ratio 19.19:1
Gearbox Length(mm) 35.8
Gearbox Type Planetary
Max. Permissible Torque(Ncm) 300
Max. Permissible Torque( 424.8
Moment Permissible Torque(Ncm) 500
Moment Permissible Torque( 708.1
Shaft Maximum Axial Load(N) 50
Shaft Maximum Radial Load(N) 100
Motor Specification
Inductance(mH) 4.5
Lead Length(mm) 500
Motor Nema Size Nema 8
No. of Lead 4
Phase Resistance(ohm) 3.2
Rated Current(A) 1.0
Shaft Diameter(mm) 6
Shaft Length(mm) 18
Bipolar/Unipolar Bipolar
Holding Torque w/o Gearbox(Ncm) 14
Holding Torque w/o Gearbox( 19.83
Motor Length(mm) 34
Single Shaft/Dual Shaft Single Shaft
Shaft Type D-Cut
Physical Specification
Weight(g) 400

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