High Quality with Global Standards

We only cooperate with top 3 famous manufacturers around world to make sure the products are produced with high quality with global standards, and In-house QC dep. ensuring each and every item and every time purchased 100% with consistent high performance.

Over 1000+ models and 100,000+ Products In Stock

Our veteran engineers selected thousands of typical models based on our 12 year's historical sales data, more than 100,000 products are ready to ship.
Our adequate inventory let you no need build your own inventory, 24 hours delivery let you receive product Just In Time.

Lower Price than Factory Suppliers

STEPPERONLINE has developed long lasting ties with more than 30 factories. We purchases product with huge quantity to lower the cost as possible. The price we present to you will be lower than you buy from the manufacturer directly. Whether a sample or batch quantity, our price always the lowest.

Local Delivery, Local Return

STEPPERONLINE has built total 6 warehouses which located in US, UK, Germany, Australia, Russia Federation and China. Partnering with local logistic service providers, we can ship faster and receive return goods more easily. What’s more, local delivery will let you avoid complex customs process and expensive VAT and Duty.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Please don’t hesitate contact us if you have any questions of order and product, you can get in touch with STEPPERONLINE through any of methods: Email, Telephone and also online Live Chat, Facebook and Twitter, our experienced engineers are ready to serve you!

Flexible Customization

Different from other distributors, STEPPERONLINE have built strong supply chain to ensure flexible customization is available. Such as custom motor housings and shaft, custom cable and connector, encoder and brake etc. You’ll get a customized motor at lower cost and faster lead time than what's available from most traditional manufacturers.



In March, STEPPERONLINE developed new product list of Cloosed-loop Stepper Motor and Driver, Encoder and Brake.
In July, we developed new product list of Brushless DC Motor, also called BLDC Motor.


In May, STEPPERONLINE built UK warehouses located in Southall, Middlesex, United Kingdom, not VAT cost and customs duty.
In September, we built AU warehouses located in NSW Australia.


In April, STEPPERONLINE built oversea warehouses located in Rowland Heights, California USA, for local delivery and local return.
In October, we built Germany warehouses located in bruchsal, Germany, for customers in European Union countries, not VAT cost and customs duty.


In February, STEPPERONLINE expanded our product lines to include power supply, gearbox and shaft coupling.
In June, we developed new product list Linear Stepper Motor, the stepper motor build with lead screw.


STEPPERONLINE's annual sales reach 5 million US dollar, own 15 employees and 1500 square meter warehouse.
At the end of year, our inventory include over 500+ models and 50,000+ products in stock.


STEPPERONLINE start the business of distribution and wholesale for stepper motor and stepper driver.
We are the agent for "OSM" for stepper motor and stepper driver.


STEPPERONLINE was founded as a consulting company specializing in stepper motor applications.