24v stepper motor is composed of a permanent magnet rotor, a multi-pole winding stator and a position sensor. The position sensing commutates the current of the stator winding in a certain order according to the change of the rotor position. This motor is efficient, because it can be continuously controlled under the maximum rotating torque. The other advantage is controllability. Feedback mechanism can be used to control the motor to accurately convey the required torque and speed.

24v stepper motor uses semiconductor switching devices to achieve electronic commutation, which replaces traditional contact commutators and brushes with electronic switching devices. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, low mechanical noise, etc. Therefore, this motor is widely used in high-end recording stands, video recorders, electronic instruments and automated office equipment.

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24v stepper motor

24V 4000RPM 0.0625Nm 26W 1.8A 42x42x40mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS40-24-01

$21.78 As low as : $19.36

24V 4000RPM 0.125Nm 52.5W 3.4A 42x42x60mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 42BLS60-24-01

$27.23 As low as : $24.20

24V 3500RPM 0.23Nm 84W 5.0A Ф57x49mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR50-24-01

$27.23 As low as : $24.20

24V 3500RPM 0.37Nm 134W 9.0A Ф57x69mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR70-24-01

$32.96 As low as : $29.30

24V 3500RPM 0.47Nm 172W 10.4A Ф57x69mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR70-24-02

$32.96 As low as : $29.30

24V 3500RPM 0.6Nm 220W 14.0A Ф57x89mm Brushless DC Motor

SKU: 57BLR90-24-01

$40.13 As low as : $35.67

24V 3740RPM 0.284Nm 100W 5.3A Ф61.2x34mm External Rotor Motor

SKU: 60BLE34-24-01
Electrical Specification Manufacturer Part Number: 60BLE34-24-01 Phase: 3 Poles: 14 Resistance/Line: 0.3±0.1 [email protected]℃ Inductance/Line: 0.2±0.2 [email protected] Rated Voltage: 24 VDC No Load Speed: 4250±10% RPM No Load Current: 0...
$112.26 As low as : $112.26
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