Generally, stepper motor consists of two parts, rotor and stator. The rotor of 2 phase stepper motor have 50 teeth, and the rotor moves 1/4 of the pitch to be aligned with the next phase. There are two windings and four lead wires on the stator of this stepper motor.

2 phase stepper motor is a hybrid stepper motor with 2 phase. This stepper motor from STEPPERONLINE has following advantages: First, the overload is good. The speed is not affected by the size of the load. The stepper motor has strict requirements on speed and position. The second is convenient control. The stepper motor rotates in units of “steps” and the digital features are more obvious. Third, the structure of this stepper motor is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure is complicated and difficult to adjust. After using this stepper motor, the structure of the whole machine is simple and compact. The tachometer motor converts the speed into a voltage and passes it to the input as a feedback signal. 

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2 phase stepper motor

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  • Frame Size(mm)
  • Step Angle(°)
  • Holding Torque(Ncm)
  • Bipolar/Unipolar
  • Rated Current(A)
  • Body Length(mm)
  • Single Shaft/Dual Shaft
  • Shaft Type
  • Shaft Diameter(mm)
  • Shaft Length(mm)
  • Phase Resistance(ohm)
  • Inductance(mH)
  • No. of Lead